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by Michael on March 10, 2015

Do not buy a horse for your teenage daughter !

Do not buy a horse for your teenage daughter !

Hello World 🙂

Those are some famous well used words….. Hopefully, I will be using well used words in the future as this new improved blog takes shape over the next few months.

For this “relaunch” we are using a new version of WordPress which I hope I can get the hang of, so bear with me on this as I am not the most gifted technology wise. I need to rework the old format and make it more user friendly and interesting.
So with the “hello” over and done with, I am not going to bore you with what I have been doing over the past year…. which is mainly family stuff…. I will just say welcome to my world, in which I can hopefully provide you with some interesting inormation and tips thanks to this blog.

My one money saving tip today, to you guys, is that if you want to save money, DO NOT buy a horse for your teenage daughter 🙁

Next up will be FOREX 🙂

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