TOP CAR – Top Advertising Deal

by Michael on September 20, 2011

As I have just bought a new car, I thought I would add some MONEYOGRAPHY advertising to it . What do you think ?

It is discreet. Car isn’t bad too.

By the way, I am joking about the car (I still have my 4 year old family wagon), but we can always dream – More seriously just remember, if you want to pursue your goals of Financial Freedom, do not rush out and make big impulsive purchases. So what if your neighbour has just order a new Mercedes or they are buying a boat, or a holiday house in Florida (that will be empty 10 months of the year): invest your hard earned money only where you will create passive income. A car will only reduce in value, cost you interest payments and loss of investment opportunitiesĀ and will earn you nothing. Think longterm. Think early retirement: you can do it!

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