by Michael on May 25, 2012

I have only carried out one trade this week on the UK Share Market and that was to BUY some more shares in RANGE RESOURCES.

I have been busy on a variety of projects; consultancy work, blogging, writing my novella, painting my kitchen, weeding the garden, making sure my son practises at the golf and with more difficulty ensuring my daughter revises hard for her school exams….. so I have not been looking in detail at the markets.

Between MAY and SEPTEMBER I don’t really like trading anyway.

However, as some of you know RANGE RESOURCES is a favourite of mine. Only last week I published a positive article and interview with Mr. Peter Landau the MD (click here for the interview).

Since this, he has bought another 750k shares and another director 150k in their company.

With this faith being shown in the company RANGE RESOURCES, the positive sounding results, the imminent spud and the buy-back scheme, coupled with a share languishing at recent lows (thanks to the world markets and the Greece debacle more than anything) I thought it would be rude not to, so I bought some more shares myself.

I am a long-termer in this –  by 2014 I hope to see big things and I am not selling anything before then. Good luck to fellow holders.

Michael of Moneyography.

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