Samurai Siege – Spaceape Games

by Michael on March 23, 2015

Today I just wanted to touch on again the game theme I mentioned in my previous post on Clash of Clans.

It is not only Clash of Clans that make very successful online games for ios and for android targeted at the smartphone and tablet audience. SpaceApe have made a very good game called Samurai Siege. If you enjoy the online gaming experience that is Clash of Clans I recommend you try Samurai Siege.

At the moment they have just hit 10 million downloads and surpassed 20 million USD in revenue, so millions of players around the world cannot be wrong.

If you do start playing, or if you already play, do not hesitate to drop into my clan RISINSTARK and say hi to me (Kind of England) …. I am usually the Shogun or the General.

Have a fun day !

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