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My name is Michael de Villiers and I am hanging onto the young side of 40, happily married with two beautiful children, two cats and a puppy that is terrorising the cats and destroying our furniture (see photo for that innocent expression).

I started blogging one late evening at work out of a desire to learn ‘how to blog’ and not be a complete technophobe in front of my kids.

I chose the subject of money, income and investment, as apart from golf (and dare I say gardening), one of my passions  is how to achieve a life of financial freedom (preferable before the age of 40). I really believe that financial freedom is attainable for everyone by creating streams of passive income.

In this blog (weblog)/website, I hope I can provide my audience (you) many, many great ideas for how to make money online just like the pros, invest wisely, cut unnecassry costs and learn how to make passive income. As I go about my daily life I intend to share with you sites and resources that I have found helpful.

But I would like to give everyone the opportunity to use this site to share their ideas with the world and therefore I am offering this portal to publish your stories, tips and advice. So please feel free to send email me your articles, links, ideas and tips so together we can provide a great service (use the contact form and I will get back to you asap).

Finally, I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope you have learned something and enjoyed the content. And I really hope that by just implementing some of the ideas you too can change your life for the better.

Lets take action today and take the first steps to get out of the rat-race.

Kind regards


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