Making Money With Blogs

by Michael on July 5, 2011

By guest writer Ravi Kuwadia

Have you ever wondered how people make money out of blogging? Blogging is a popular pastime, and why wouldn’t it be? It allows its participants to share their thoughts with the world, reaching an audience that’s as wide as you want it to be, and generally very receptive and enthusiastic. But with so many people taking advantages of the benefits of blogging there comes the question of how you can still manage to take advantage of the financial benefits of blogging? The good news is that you can, and the better news is that it’s easier than you think.

Programs like Google Adsense allow the process of advertising on blogs to happen easily and simply. This is probably the most obvious way to earn money using your blog, and while it won’t make you a huge amount of profit immediately, it’s all extra cash. You’ll probably find that it’s far easier to find advertisers for your blog if your site is one that relates specifically to a special interest of yours. A blog about a certain sport, for instance, would be a good place for the manufacturers of sporting goods to place their advertisements.

Blog advertising can make you more money much quicker when your blog is sponsored by one of your advertisers. This is most likely to happen if an advertiser really takes a liking to your site, or sees that it’s popular and relevant to their company. Some sponsors pay their bloggers per post, and this means that blog sponsorship can become a great way to earn a more regular income. Remember that there’s also the option of blogging for a company’s website. This allows you to earn money from one blog while keeping the other for self-expression. The sponsored blog trend continues to grow.

Using a “tip jar” is another way of making money from blogs. If you allow your readers the chance to make donations to the creator of their favorite blog, you might be surprised how generous they are… And while this might not be the option that’ll make you rich, it’s a way of making money to keep your blog up and running, and, as your following increases, making some profit too. Before you know it, you might be able to give up your day job and become a full-time blogger, especially if you combine this income method with the others.

Blog flipping is probably the best option for someone who’s serious about making money from blogs. By purchasing a blog that’s new or not being marketed correctly in an inexpensive marketplace, then improving it and re-selling it somewhere where you can fetch a higher profit for it, you can make a substantial amount of money. Before getting started you should do some research about the kinds of blogs that are popular, and about which marketplaces have blogs available at the lowest prices. The most important part, of course, is choosing the right blog to improve and re-sell – it should have good potential and you should feel passionate about it.

Some more ways of using your blog to make money are involvement with blog networks, consulting and speaking, and merchandising (selling products related to your blog). The internet offers a vast array of ways to make money online, and to find more related to blogging you just have to look around. Remember that the more time and effort you spend on your blog, the better it’ll be and the more followers you’ll find yourself gaining. The more people are reading your blog, the easier it’ll be to make money from it.

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