by Michael on January 5, 2012

One problem that I hear more and more about these days is identity theft.  In todays hi-tech computer internet age this appears to be getting easier and easier as hackers get more sophisticated and ordinary people like us are so laid back about internet use we commonly forget the dangers.

Identity theft is the stealing of another person’s identity in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that persons name. Typically identity thieves obtain this information in a range of ways from rummaging through your rubbish for personal information, by looking at your old discarded IT equipment, hacking and using malware, inspired guesswork on your weak passwords, browsing social networking sites, tricking you into giving away personal information,…..

Being a victim of this is not just painful, embarassing or even scary, but it can be very costly and if you care about your own personal finances, those of your family and your business, you need to take seriously identity theft and fraud. You can mitigate the risks yourself with identity theft protection measures by immediately reducing the amount of personal information on you found on the internet, ensuring firewalls are in place and shredding receipts and documents before you throw them in the trash.

There are organisations such as IdentityHawk that can help you safeguard your assets, your properties and your good name. This company can identify where you are most at risk and take the necessary steps to reduce that risk.

If you want to really make one smart financial move in 2012 it will be to protect your identity and your personal information before you become a victim.


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