by Michael on March 16, 2015

01e29bb8e1b78ca9a584b9712643a56c5083a4d7eb13ed99b9During the last holiday season, I spent a few days with my ageing parents who I had not seen for a while. Whilst there I relaxed with bracing walks along the cliff tops pounded by 100mph gale force winds and lashing rain and getting chilled to the bone (I still have the scars, lol).

As I had no wifi or 3G connection (I am not joking !!) I bought a feast of science and techno magazines.

Reading these types of magazines is great for budding entrepreneurs or building the hidden entrepreneur in you. What these magazines do is make you DREAM of an amazing future with cool gadgets, or energy saving inventions, or new mobile apps, or new materials, new products, ….. . AND what they have always done to me, is make me DREAM BIG of being part of that future and DOING something with an IDEA.

So my tip of the day to you is go out and buy one of those science magazines. Be inspired. Look for an idea that is bigger than you. Expose yourself to the the world’s most inspiring designs, inventors or people with power (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk,…). Immerse yourself in science and cutting-edge technologies, do not be limited by what has gone before. Keep thinking, dreaming, until you find something really big that you believe in  and is bigger than you are.

Then go for it. Make a proposal, get crowd funding, look for a team……

You could be  the founder of the next APPLE, or SPACE X !!! Good luck 🙂


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