by Michael on March 13, 2015

Are any of you guys out there CLASHERS ? eg Clash of Clan (CoC) gamers ?

I just read on THINK GAMING website that CoC makes the following numbers :

  1. Daily Revenue of   1,699,874 USD
  2. Daily installs of       107 841
  3. Daily active users    5 524 805
  4. Number 01 in the top grossing apps ever !!

Mind-blowing statistics !! It shows the opportunities that can be found and created using new technologies. Again, it shows that start-ups and young companies such as SUPERCELL the creators of CoC can muscle on markets once the stronghold of the massive multinationals such as Nintendo in the gaming industry.

Whereas, I have not contributed to SUPERCELL’s profits (much too tight for that), I must admit that I do log on once a day to have a few minutes of clashing pleasure….. if you are interested, I am the leader of the clan White Witches, so do not hesitate to knock on the door and join my clan for war this weekend 😉


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