BASIC Introduction: How to create passive income ONLINE

by Michael on September 26, 2011

The Introduction: How to Create Passive Income Online

The most pleasant dream an Internet Marketer can have is seeing themselves make a comfortable amount of money without spending hours a day trying to maintain their methods. To be able to passively make money means that they no longer have to aggressively market their websites or techniques, but rather let things continue without much interference.

By passively making income you switch your money-making ideas into auto-pilot and steadily make a living off of it. Wouldn’t that be great? You are not the only one who thinks so. The most important aspect of this is that in order to succeed in creating passive income, you need to put forth quite a bit of passion into your idea.

There are many methods of passive income that are available for research on the internet, on various forums or blogs; the various ways that you can make money continues to shift and grow as technology changes on the internet.

Here are three common ways to make passive income online:

1. Micro Niche Blogs

If you set up a blog which is targeted for long tail keywords and manage to set up a few high quality articles, you would start seeing some returns in a matter of weeks. With proper SEO, backlinking services, and a high conversion CTR theme with adsense, adbrite, or bidvertiser (for example as your network of choice), you would slowly but surely start to get a few clicks every day.

You would not make much, but if you multiply this with over 30 micro blogs or so, this can have potential. There are tools out there which can automate the process further to ensure that it is much easier on you.

2. Writing an Ebook

Have in-depth knowledge on a hot niche that you wouldn’t mind sharing? You can set up a nice web 2.0 sales page and serve up your own Ebook. You can join networks such as Clickbank and advertise there so that others do the work for you.

You would have to put effort into SEO and backlinking, as well. The good thing about this is that you can use affiliate links inside your ebook and continue to gain income after the sale, if done right.

3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the more popular ways is making money with Affiliates. You can make money by selling other people’s products, in a sense. You can set up a website or blog where you review products and provide a link to the products page.

When a customer purchases that product from your blog or website, the link is tracked and you can sometimes make quite a nice commission. The downside to this is that making an affiliate-based blog can take quite a bit of time to set up properly.

These are just some basic ideas. The internet is full of great information on these subjects and alot more.

The universe is your oyster !

Good luck. Michael.

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