Alpari UK…. Where is my Money ?

by Michael on March 11, 2015

"where is my money ?"

“where is my money ?”

So …… ALPARI ? How many of you had accounts with those guys? Alpari UK, just to recall was a Forex Broker which went into administration a few months ago….. and little forex minnow “me”, a would be forex king pin had all my eggs in the one proverbial basket…. 🙁

I had a lot of open trades,…. that were closed automatically at losses…. a big disappointment as all those trades were potential winners….. and I say that with brazen confidence (lol). So now I am waiting for the payout from KPMG who are running the administration. I just got an email from them saying the claims “portal” will be up and running at the end of March, so hopefully I can get a quick settlement and get all my equity out of there. I will keep you posted on that.

I do feel it was a shame as I really liked Alpari, they gave me great service and the desktop money management system they had was very user friendly. Why was it though that it was just the UK arm that went into admin ? (I see that the rest of the company in USA for example is still trading !!)

And now, I am still looking for new forex providers offering that same service…… I have one open now with FXPRO (I will do a review of that soon) but I am looking for a second forex broker as I have learned my lesson about those damn eggs  !!!

Any suggestions of possible brokers – preferably UK based, please let me know.

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