by Michael on March 17, 2015

After typing in my blog name (MONEYOGRAPHY) to the behemoth search engine that is GOOGLE, I came across its name in a website called TRAFFICIP. This site provides summary information any website such as ALEXA traffic ranking, Google pagerank, IP address, estimated value, page hits etc. This is a good page to keep referenced and a nice objective for me will be to revisit this site every month to see whether my Site improves its position and visibility….. which must be about as bad as you can get at the moment.

My current stats, as quoted on TRAFFICIP are as follows:

  1. ALEXA RANKING     #12,984,104
  2. GOOGLE PAGE RANK   #1 out of 10
  3. Potential advertising earnings     $33 per year
  4. Estimated sale value   $231
  5. TRAFFICIP rating   #1.0 out of 5.0

Although, the goal of this blog is not to dominate the world (cue evil despotic laughter – muuuaaaahahahahahaha), to be sure it will be interesting for me (technically challenged) to understand how this SEO stuff works.

Oh,…. and the advertising earnings is hugely over-rated by …. 100% ! (lol).

So if you have a BLOG or WEBSITE, feel free to leave me a comment with its name and let me know its ALEXA ranking and anything you are doing to encourage it’s visibility.

Have a good day !


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